2023 Planet Cycles Poster


Astrology 2023 Astrology Cycles Calendar in circular format shows the passage of the planets through the 12 months of the year, colour coded by element. It also features a 45° graphic ephemeris, transits, lunations and parallels of declination.


The 2023 Planet Cycles Poster shows

  • The 2023 calendar in circular format displaying the passage of the planets through the months of the year.
  • Planet cycles for the lights, plus Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune and the dwarf planet Pluto.
  • Moon signs for every day in 2023.
  • Sign ingress dates for every planet.
  • Retrograde periods for each planet.
  • Colour-coded elements for each sign.
  • Full and new moons: dates, zodiac sign and longitude degree.
  • Solar and lunar eclipse dates, degrees, and eclipse type.
  • Transit list for 2023, Mars through to Pluto, plus solar conjunctions.
  • List of parallels of declination for 2023, including contra-parallels.
  • Key to astrological glyphs (symbols)

Post method

Posters are delivered in a tube.
To validate arrival all deliveries must be signed for.
Postage cost includes signature validation on delivery.

Bulk orders

40% discount applies. Minimum order 10. email Peter Burns peterburnsastrology@gmail.com

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Applies to bulk orders only.
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A1: 594mm wide x 841mm tall 0r 23″ wide x 33″ tall



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