Hong Kong Crisis

The horoscope for Hong Kong is based on the time of the handover to China at 00:00 am 1st July (Midnight between June 30 and July 1st 1997.

This exact time shows the Sun at 9 degrees of Cancer,the Moon at 19 Taurus, and the rising sign at 3 Aries.  Mars, ruler of the ascendant, is on the Descendant at 5  Libra.

While there have been previous protests, the first significant protest against the Extradition Bill took place on March 31st 2019 (1). Other astrological articles cite the June 9 protests which were also very significant.

Solar square and Saturn square

On March 31 2019 there was a solar square to the natal Sun, which suggests  some basic disturbance. Saturn was square natal Saturn, which suggests a reckoning with reality, a confrontation with the status quo. This Saturn transit takes place approx every 7 years. Saturn was also trine natal Moon, which suggest that the people were being galvanised. Saturn usually represents some reality check. At a different level, in mundane (political) astrology it represents repression and control.


On July 2nd there was a solar eclipse conjunct the natal Sun. In national charts solar eclipses to the Sun suggest a major transition in relation to matters associated with authority and the exercise of power.

Two weeks later on July 16 there was a lunar eclipse to the progressed Midheaven. The Midheaven represents the reputation of the country and its status. The lunar eclipse suggests a big shift.

Pluto to the Midheaven

The other important transit is Pluto to the progressed Mideaven at 23 Capricorn. Pluto is associated with upheaval and crisis, and also with bringing hidden issues to the surface. Pluto reaches this point every 248 years and this is a rare event. The Midheaven also has associations with the rulers, the boss. The Chief Executive is Carrie Lam (born 13 May 1957 (2)). She answers to the Chinese government. From an astrological perspective these are very unusual and significant times. Deep crisis and great danger.
Saturn crosses the progressed Midheaven, moving in direct motion, in February 2020.  Pluto is back on Hong Kong’s progressed Midheaven in February / March 2020.

Sun progresses into Leo

Perhaps the most important astrological indicator for the present crisis is the ingress of the progressed Sun into Leo at 9:45 pm on August 19, 2019.

The progressed Sun moves into a new sign approx every 30 years.  It is associated with major transition. The Sun represents leadership and power. We can expect a transition in the way power is exercised in Hong Kong around this time. Although it is unlikely to be at this precise time, because there are other transits that need to be taken into account (it’s complicated!), we can anticipate that we are already in the transition phase to a new era for Hong Kong.

The Sun in Cancer is more gentle, understanding, willing to go with the flow.
The Sun in Leo is much more authoritarian, more fixed and demanding of allegiance. It is difficult to see the protesters coming out of this well.

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