Insight Lands on Mars

Landing horoscope settings The horoscope for the landing of InSight, shown on the left, is set for the coordinates the Vandenberg Aries Force Base, the place from which InSight was launched. Astrology, as it is presently practiced in the West is geocentric, and the launch location is the place of its last connection with the […]

The Greens public brawl

Once again the Australian Greens are in the news for all the wrong reasons in a public brawl, after NSW member Justin Field says fellow Greens MP Jenny Leong’s parliamentary speech was an ‘opportunistic’ attempt to force upper house MP Jeremy Buckingham out of the party. The horoscope for the Australian Greens shows Saturn just […]

Confusions about the eighth house

In recent discussions about relationships and sex on social media the eighth house has often been mentioned, and some people are surprised to hear that it is the fifth house, the house of pleasure and procreation, which rules sex.  Because there are a considerable number of astrologers whose education has not given them the benefit […]

Honesty Prediction and Self-empowerment

Honesty in astrology is relevant to issues relating to prediction. It’s a relatively common experience for some astrologers to have a problem with clients whose expectation is strictly fortune-telling.  p These  astrologers typically offer clients a general timing on the sorts of things that manifest from transits and can’t or won’t give clients concrete predictions. They […]

2018 AFL Grand Final

Shown on the left is the horoscope for the West Coast Eagles (WCE) AFL football team, who are playing Collingwood in the 2018 AFL grand final today. WCE’s name and colours were celebrated at it’s official launch in Perth Western Australia October 30 1986. I spoke to a reporter afterwards who verified the opening time […]

Scott Morrison’s Swearing In horoscope

Scott Morrison’s Swearing In horoscope – source: ABC News. This is the horoscope for when Scott Morrison was sworn in at the Governor General’s Lodge as the 30th prime Minister of Australia. Jupiter in the ninth house of overseas interests and higher education of this horoscope, ruling the rising sign and the Midheaven, shows an […]