The Zodiac in the Southern Hemisphere

Astrologers in the southern hemisphere (SH) look northwards to view the Sun as it creates the zodiac, while astrologers in the northern hemisphere (NH) look southwards to view the same zodiac. Same zodiac Although visitors from the NH would see the background constellations in the SH as turned upside down, the zodiac signs are the […]

Reverse the signs for the Southern Hemisphere?

First published September 6 2012 on the Ambrosia Academy of Astrology and Palmistry website by Peter Burns. When our theories about astrology and the world come up against the hard face of reality and cannot be applied, something needs to change. What needs to change is not reality for it can only be what it […]

The Sun commands the planets to station retrograde

Following last week’s discussion of retrograde planets correlating with the winding back of coronavirus restrictions in various countries, the graphic on the left shows retrograde planets, in dark grey, for the remainder of May and for June 2020. We see that as the Sun makes a dexter trine to the superior planets they station and […]

Retrograde planets and the coronavirus

Planets retrograde With 3 planets turning retrograde this month we can expect to see some return to a previous situation. It is no coincidence that various countries are in the process of lifting some coronavirus restrictions on distancing and socialising. Saturn Saturn is one of the planets turning retrograde. Saturn’s essential nature is associated with […]

Cardinal George Pell acquital

Shown on the left is Cardinal George Pell’s natal chart, birth time unknown. No houses or POF are shown and zodiacal longitude is rounded out to to 12 noon. Transiting planets are shown on the outside rim for 12 noon April 7th 2020, which was the approximate time of his acquital and release. Of special […]

Hormonal Glands and the Planets

This quote is from page 54 of Classical Medical Astrology – Healing with the Elements by Oscar Hofman, published by Wessex Astrologer 2009. “There is a remarkable parallel between the planets as the seven dynamic forces of creation and the seven most important glands in the body. Glands are pre-eminantly the contact points between the […]