Jupiter conjunct Pluto: Economic Crisis?

A number of astrologers are suggesting that the coming conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto indicates that we will get a break from our present troubles, that there’ll be a repreive from our economic crisis and other woes. Good old jolly Jupiter will deliver!

Coronavirus and Astrology: Part 4: The end of the Virus Crisis

At the time of writing travel restrictions are being applied by various countries around the world. Trump has just announced a 30 day ban on travellers from the European mainland. India is going to stop issuing visas. In Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 3: Saturn I identified Saturn as the common link between most horoscopes […]

Oil, Corona Virus, and economic crisis

In my article on The Coronavirus and Astrology, Part 1 I described the uncanny resemblence of the 2019 Boxing Day  Annular Solar Eclipse with the corona virus. Both are surrounded by a corona. This eclipse took place as public awareness of the virus began to dominate the media. In the Corona Virus and Astrology, Part […]

Astrology and the Corona Virus Part 3: Saturn

At the moment Mars Jupiter Saturn and Pluto are all in the tropical zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, and Mercury has also entered a Saturn ruled sign: Aquarius. Saturn rules wall, barriers, enforcement, entrapment, seclusion, isolation and restrictions of all kinds including quatantines. As a result of efforts to contain the […]

annular eclipse

Corona Virus and Astrology Part 2

On January 26 I explored some astrological indicators for the Corona Virus and its celestial corrleations. My focus was on the December 26 2019 solar eclipse which was an annular eclipse. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is further away from the earth than normal and the darkened Moon features a solar corona around its […]

Who will be President after the 2020 election?

Aries Ingress charts have been used for hundreds of years to predict the fortunes of nations and city states.