Money borrowed and shared

Often we hear astrologers say: The eighth house represents money borrowed or shared money. While I understand this is generally assumed to be true I don’t think it’s supported by good astrological logic. The person you are borrowing money from is represented by the seventh house and their money is the eighth house. If they give […]

2019 planet tracks

Planet Tracks 2019

This artwork is offered to the astrological community as a free reference for further commentary, and has relevance to different astrological streams, such as mundane (political) astrology, financial astrology, and natal (personal) astrology. The Planet Tracks artwork reveals a focus on Capricorn in 2019. The activity in Capricorn includes two solar eclipses, one lunar eclipse, […]

Trump withdraws from Syria

Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Syria coincides with transiting Saturn opposing his natal Mercury. Saturn is the planet which represents pull-back, as well as associated meanings such as retreat, close-down, and denial. In a general sense Saturn is associated with bad news, especially when it makes a connection with Mercury, and there’s been no […]

Yellow Vest Movement

Quote from Wikipedia “The yellow vests movement ….. is a protest movement which began with demonstrations in France on Saturday, 17 November 2018 and subsequently spread to nearby countries (e.g. Italy , Belgium and the Netherlands. Galvanized by rising fuel prices, the high cost of living, and claims that a disproportionate burden of the government’s tax reforms were falling on the working and middle […]

Insight Lands on Mars

Landing horoscope settings The horoscope for the landing of InSight, shown on the left, is set for the coordinates the Vandenberg Aries Force Base, the place from which InSight was launched. Astrology, as it is presently practiced in the West is geocentric, and the launch location is the place of its last connection with the […]