Cardinal George Pell acquital

Shown on the left is Cardinal George Pell’s natal chart, birth time unknown. No houses or POF are shown and zodiacal longitude is rounded out to to 12 noon. Transiting planets are shown on the outside rim for 12 noon April 7th 2020, which was the approximate time of his acquital and release. Of special […]

Hormonal Glands and the Planets

This quote is from page 54 of Classical Medical Astrology – Healing with the Elements by Oscar Hofman, published by Wessex Astrologer 2009. “There is a remarkable parallel between the planets as the seven dynamic forces of creation and the seven most important glands in the body. Glands are pre-eminantly the contact points between the […]

The solar foundation of the horoscope

The following is taken from page 54 of Deborah Houlding’s The Houses- Temples of the Sky; 1988 Ascella Publications. Printed in Great Britain. “Without doubt then, human perception of the Sun’s relationship with the Earth, and the corresponding cyles of dark and light, day and night, and summer and winter, underpin our whole approach to […]

The lady who was never going to die

In more traditional societies such as some parts of India and other places, death is seen as a natural stage in life. People freely talk about it. Astrologers naturally include a predicted time of death in their readings, as they used to do in the West.

Fear Death and the Coronavirus

We live at a time when the masses are trapped in a public fear. The sword of death hangs over us should we forsake the safety of our own home and chat with our neighbor. Some people are very anxious. Reports of the number who have died from the coronavirus are published daily. Quarantines, self-isolation, […]

Prince Charles Coronavirus

Yesterday’s announcement that Prince Charles has contracted the Coronavirus is reflected in his natal horoscope. Saturn, planet of death Saturn, the planet which is associated with isolation, quarantine, and gereral hard times, is making an exact square (90 degree aspect) with his natal Moon. This is a very serious time for Charles. Saturn rules the […]