USA and the Mighty Sun

Sun square Mars Violent protests, manifest outrage. The USA and mighty Sun embrace. In my June 1st post: USA Sun square Mars, I discussed the Sun’s conjunction with the Asc axis of the US Sibly horoscope, and the simultaneous Mars square to this axis. The Sun was square Mars. Sun conjunct Mars square Neptune Now […]

Do the planets call us?

Do the planets call us? In some  Facebook sites I see astrologers providing commentary on  upcoming transits saying that a certain planet is calling us to do such-and-such. For example with the up-coming Venus station direct in Gemini: “After a period of re-evaluation Venus is calling us to move forward in relationships.” But do the […]

USA eclipsed

Following the red hot Sun square Mars aspect which aligned with the USA Ascendant in the Sibly horoscope, is the June 5 2020 lunar eclipse at 15.34 Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse is within 3 degrees of the US Ascendanrt. The USA is ‘eclipsed’. We are at the beginning of the 2020 mid-year eclipse season. In […]

USA Sun square Mars

 The current square aspect between the Sun and Mars goes a long way to describing the present inflamatory situation in the USA. The Sun Of all the heavenly bodies in our solar system the Sun is the most potent by a very long way. Not only does it give us our light and life, which […]

SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

The launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon has been hailed as” a thrilling new era of human spaceflight” between private enterprise, led by Elon Musk, and NASA. It is intended that Crew Dragon will autonomously dock with the ISS spacestation. From an astrological perspective there are several stand-outs in the horoscope for the launch. 1. […]

Horoscope for those born under the Southern Skies

In my last post The Zodiac in the Southern Hemisphere I discussed the proposal that zodiac signs should be switched for horoscopes based in the Southern Hemisphere (SH). My conclusion was that it does not make sense to make this switch and that zodiac signs used in the Northern Hemisphere (NH) work equally well in […]