Is the dark Moon the new Moon?

The syzygy In contemporary astrology the New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon. At this time the New Moon is invisible from Earth. The alignment of the Sun and earth with the Moon in between means that the side of the […]

March Calendar

The astrology calendar for March 2018 is set for Australia’s capital Canberra. Shown are planet transits to transits, planet ingresses, lunations, OOB (out-of-bounds) planets, and VOC moons For a personalized calendar adjusted to show exact transits to your natal horoscope contact Peter Burns. Cost $15

Virgo full Moon

The Virgo full Moon on March 2nd is at 11.22 Virgo. The full Moon occurs when the Moon is drunk with the Sun’s light, and at its brightest. From this point onward it is on the wane and reaches the point of full darkness in 2 weeks on March 17 at 26 Pisces. In this […]

Barnaby Joyce and Uranus disruption

I have been reminded by Mary Trevenar Rowe that Banaby Joyce is currently in the midst of Uranus transits. Great call and one that few seasoned astrologers would miss. She correctly points out that the last transit of Uranus conjunct Joyce’s Sun is on March 3rd 2018. Uranus is the planet of disruption, sudden shocks […]

The Celestial Dance

A common misunderstanding about astrology is that it just describes an influence of energy. However the celestial bodies don’t actually influence us (except for the Sun and Moon and Jupiter in a physical sense), although you’d be forgiven for thinking that the planets and stars have an influence given the way many astrologers talk about […]

SkyScope 20 Feb 2018

Again I am experimenting with new ways of presenting a horoscope which presents information more clearly. In the standard representation the planets are all arranged along the same circle. This gives little indication of distance between them, which can be a difficult concept for a beginner. Presenting a Accurately representing a 3-D spatial arrangement on […]