Adam Bandt assumes leadership of the Australia Greens

Adam Bandt was today elected leader of the Australian Greens political party at approx 10 am in Canberra. His chart is on to the left. No known birth time and planet positions are set for 12 rounded out to the nearest degree. Because there is no known time of birth no houses or Part of […]

The Coronavirus and Astrology

At the very foundation of astrology lies the age-old principle, first articulated by the legendary Hermes Trismegistus: As above so below. As below so above. At the moment, 26th January 2020,  the media is awash with news of the Coronavirus. What we would expect to see, given the premise of astrology mentioned above, is that […]

Vale Robert Zoller

Robert Zoller was versed in Latin, and was a Medieval Scholar and Astrologer. According to his website he was one of the world’s leading proponents of Western Predictive Astrolo also known as Medieval Astrology.

Australia’s Fires

Does astrology show the fires in Australia? The question has been asked on a few forums: Does astrology show the fires in Australia? You bet it does. Just go to the Aries Ingress chart for 2019. It’s a disaster chart. Mars, the planet of fire, rules the ASC which represents the country, and aspects the […]

Annular Solar eclipse December 26 2019

An annular solar eclipse is when the Moon is further away from the earth than normal and does not completely cover the Sun’s disk. The result is a glow on the outside rim of the Sun’s disk. Compare this to a total solar eclipse is when the Sun is completely covered and blacked out by […]

The Lunar Eclipse and Nic Natanui

Since ancient times eclipses have been associated with events that are life changing and/or disruptive. The effect of an eclipse is to block light from one of the luminaries: the Sun or the Moon. A solar eclipse occurs at a new or dark Moon when the Moon crosses between the Earth and the Sun, blocking […]