UK Election Prediction

In the chart set for London the country itself is represented by the first house and its ruler Mars. Mars is in its detriment in Taurus in the seventh house of partners. In the present political context partners represent the European Union. This is the chart focus.

Donald Trump

Below is Donald Trump’s natal horoscope.

The Dec 26 Annular Solar Eclipse

Definition of an annular eclipse During an annular solar eclipse the Moon does not completely cover the Sun. The outer edges of the Sun are still visible, forming a “ring of fire” or annulus around the Moon. An annular solar eclipse appears different to a total eclipse because the Moon is further away from the […]

Mars in Scorpio

Mars has just recently moved into Scorpio, the sign of its nocturnal domain. Although Mars in Scorpio expresses itself in a much more covert way than it does in Aries where his inclinations to act upon his desires are most obvious, he is very much at home in the sign of the Scorpion.

Can the Moon ever be cazimi?

In a FB thread I discussed the coincidence of the dark Moon occurring at the time news reports were circulating that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed by American forces. The lunar cycle The dark Moon symbolises the complete and utter emptying out of the Sun’s light and love and subsequent death. […]

Vale André Barbault

André Barbault was a prominent French astrologer and authored over 50 books. Two of these: The Value of Astrology and Planetary Cycles – Mundane Astrology, were published in English 2014-2016 by the Astrological Association of Great Britain.